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You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"



"My Blanket and Me"

"The Kite"

"The Doctor Is In"

"Beethoven Day"

"The Book Report"

"The Red Baron"

"My New Philosophy"

"T-E-A-M (The Baseball Game)"

"Glee Club Rehearsal"

"Little Known Facts"




Cast for “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”

Oh, my goodness! What a school full of talented students we have! We were so blown away by the level of preparation and enthusiasm and ability at our callback auditions – you all made our decision-making very, very difficult.

***Please read the following information VERY carefully****

*If your name is on this list as a Primary cast member, that means that you will play your character for at least one performance, and be part of the chorus for others.

*If your name is on this list as a Chorus member, that means that you will be part of the chorus for all performances, and that you are an Understudy for a Primary role.

*If your name is listed as an Alternate, that means that if a cast member is unable to commit to being in the show before the end of January, you will be asked to be part of the cast


Please email me with any questions!

Charlie Brown

Parker Bowling - Primary

Quinton Holder - Primary

Eleanor Gondek – alternate


Sally Brown

Sarah-Joy Reichert - Primary

Thandie Nguyen - Primary

Izzy Swift – alternate


Lucy Van Pelt

Dayle Jeffcoat- Primary

Winnie Gondek - Primary

Hannah Durham – alternate


Linus Van Pelt

Shaelyn Duszynski - Primary

Elaina Turgeon - Primary

Anya Butterfield - – alternate



Chase Coleman - Primary

Lily Preciado - Primary

Shaelyn Winfrey – alternate



Matilda Lee - Primary

Rachel Gonzales - Primary

Tony Smith – alternate



Marion Adams

Rose Villareale

Ransom Griggs

                                              Emma Choi

Jackson Butke

Emily Blanco

    Madison Proctor

Brittany Arthur