I am a motivated, curious, and hard-working graduate from the University of Mary Washington. My plans are to ignite the love of learning in students, encouraging them to be super excited and curious about the world around them.  Developing connections with students to foster genuine engagement in their own educational progression and personal development. Together we ROAR.

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Civics & Economics Social Science SOL Standards Taught 2019-2020


Quarter 1         CE4 a-g           September 6 through September 13

                        CE3 a-e           September 16 through September 26

                        CE2 a-d           September 27 through October 18

Quarter 2         CE5 a-g           October 21 through November 15


Thanksgiving                         November 27 through November 29


                        CE6 a-d           November 25 through December 19


                        CE7 a-d           January 12 through January 28

Quarter 3         CE 8 a-c          January 29 through February 5

                        CE 10 a-c        January 29 through February 5

                        CE 9 a-c          February 6 through February 26

                        CE 11 a-c        March 5 through March 12

I hope you are doing well and staying safe.  To review and/or improve your grade, go to Clever then IXL.  I've recommended 19 skills to review - simply click the arrow to begin.

There is no need to email me your score; I will receive the data daily.

Please let me know if you have questions or need support throughout this time, as I am here for you.