Sixth Grade Social Studies 

In my classroom students will learn about the first part of United States history. Through reading, writing, and discussing students will begin learning about the geographic landscape of our country and the people who lived here before European Exploration, and we will conclude by learning about the American Civil War.

UPDATE: Mar 13, 2020 - As of this date our class has completed the New Nation Unit (Obj 7) .   On Thu, Mar 12, 2020,   
 I handed out the next unit packet, Westward Expansion.  A copy of the Unit Plan and Study Guide was sent via School Messenger for review purposes.  No work was assigned from the new unit.

UPDATE: Mar 29, 2020 - I am currently using School Messenger to send out info and work students can complete to help their grade.  Please double check your e-mails to keep track of work.  Info I have sent out includes the ability to correct warmups on Obj 7a and 7b and an extra credit on-line assignment for the New Nation Test. 

Syllabus: Syllabus 2019-20 (Baker)

Sixth Grade U.S. History I SOL Objectives

US I 2 – Geography 
Completed Sept 2019

2a - Locate seven Continents and five Oceans 

2b - Eight Geographic Regions (This objective is embedded throughout the course of study) 

2c - Eleven Bodies of water (This objective is embedded throughout the course of study) 

2d - Recognize Key Geographic Features 


US I 3 – Native Americans 
Completed Early Oct 2019

3a - Archaeological Discovery  

3b - Native American Settlements 

3c Native American’s Adapt to the Environment 


US I 4 – European Exploration 
Completed Late Oct 2019

4a Reasons for European Exploration 

4b - Cultural Interaction  

4c - West African Traders (emphasis on economics concepts) 


US I 5 – Colonial America 
Completed Dec 2019

5a - Events & Conditions Leading to Colonization 

5b - Compare Life in 3 Colonial Regions (emphasis on both civics and economics concepts) 

5c - Compare Life in 3 Colonial Regions (Economics – Specialization and Interdependence) 

5d Social positions in Colonial Life 

5e Economic and Political relationships between the Colonies and England  


US I 6 – American Revolution 
Completed February 2020

6a Dissatisfaction/Road to Revolution  

6b - Political Ideas that shaped the Declaration on Independence 

6c - Key Events & People in Revolution 

6d - Reasons Colonist Defeated Great Britain 


US I 7 – New Nation 
Completed March 2020

7a - Articles of Confederation (Weaknesses and outcome) 

7b - Development of the Constitution 

7c - Accomplishments of the First 5 Presidents 


US I 8 –Westward Expansion

8a - Territorial Expansion (emphasis on economics concepts) 

8b - Geographic and Economic Influences on Settlers  

8c - Impact on Native Americans (Trail of Tears) 

8d - Impact of Inventions 

8e - Abolitionist and Suffrage Movement  


US I 9 – Civil War 

9a - Issues that Divided a Nation 

9b - Effect of State’s Rights & Slavery Issues 

9c - Confederate & Union States (emphasis on geography concepts) 

9d - Role of Key Players in Civil War 

9e - Critical Developments in the War (emphasis on geography concepts) 

9f - Perspectives of Civil War