Hello 6th Grade SIGNET students!

This year we will be working to complete two units of study. One is Symbols of Me and the other is Great Thinkers. You will also work on Centers for self-directed learning. 

We focus on the 5 C's! See below.

  • Critical Thinking: Students use various types of reasoning, interpret and evaluate information, and draw accurate conclusions.
  • Creative Thinking: Students use various idea creation techniques, create new and meaningful ideas, and evaluate those ideas.
  • Conceptual Thinking: Students use patterns or connections between abstract ideas to organize thinking and develop concepts or rules.
  • Communication: Students communicate effectively in a variety of forms, contexts and for a variety of purposes.
  • Collaboration: Students work effectively and respectfully with others and assume shared responsibilities.

Back to School Night Video

Please watch the video below for information about SIGNET!

You can stop at the 7:20 mark unless you would like to continue watching for information about Canvas and OneNote. On the settings wheel, you can turn captions on.