Collaboration circle, Parent, teacher, and students, with connect in the center.

Hello everyone, 
 I miss you and hope that your family is doing well.
I am a Special Education teacher with 20 years experience in the field of education.
I look forward to our moments of collaboration as our students show their level of knowledge on the various requirements.
           I teach Language Arts. The course will reinforce, develop and challenge the students in the area of reading, writing, speaking, listening processes, and critical thinking skills. The lessons incorporate a balanced instruction in the basic skills as well as the study of literature, research skills listening processes. and information management. 
            I am student-focused when the students are in the building. I will communicate after dismissal. I look forward to the communications that will form the bridge between home and school.

Please select the files and documents section to see the syllabus.
 Please feel free to communicate any questions or concerns.