Hello My name is Belinda Steagall
Civics & Economics 8th Grade Lead Teacher

Hello My Wonderful Students,
I hope you are doing well and staying safe.  To review and/or improve your grade, go to Clever then IXL.  I recommended 19 skills to review; just click the arrow to begin.  In order to receive credit you must achieve an 90% or higher.  There is no need to email me your score; I will receive the data daily.
I will be available to answer any questions via email any day of the week.  I will be available in TEAMS on Fridays @ 12 noon.
I love and miss you,
Ms. Steagall
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Nearpod link  HERE or you may access it from join.nearpod.com
Once you are in the link you will be prompted to join a session.  The following codes pertain to each grade level:
8th Grade: ETMSA
  1. Some of the slides have information recorded.  Look to the bottom of the screen to press the ▶️ or you may click on the immersive reader icon in the top right hand corner of the slide (looks like a book).
  2. On the collaborative board slides there is a box to the bottom of the slide that you may write an answer.
  3. Also, there are activity slides for you to participate on. 
Have fun with it!

Course Description: The course of study for Civics & Economics in Prince William County reinforces, develops and challenges the critical thinking skills of our students.  Beginning with the first quarter and continuing throughout the year, eighth grade students will learn increasingly complex and sophisticated elements of Civic Life, the Government and Economics. 
Please use: Solpass.org     password: gpms to review all material.
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