Science Fair Winners Playlist 

Animal Sciences   
1st  “Do Dogs Have Favorite Colors? (Part II)” Eva Bredbenner
2nd Going nuts: The Effect of Nut Color on Squirrel Attraction Isabelle Velasquez
3rd How Does A Maze Affect the Speed a House pet Travels Through It Keri Gilbert
HM Do certain birds prefer a certain color of birdseed? Samantha Rodriquez
Behavioral and Social Sciences     
1st  Which Taste Better: Name Brand or Generic? Kate Anderson
2nd Music vs Heart Rate Sadaf Hashemi 
3rd The Effect of Among Us on Your Ability to Solve Detective Riddles Martha Aguilar Hernandez
HM Do Distractions Affect the  Time It Takes to Write the Alphabet Twice? Elaina Crossin
1st  The Effects of Type of Soap on Bacteria Cai Ly Hancock 
2nd  How Do Different Face Coverings Effect the Spread of Bacteria? Nadia Breckenridge
HM The effect of rinses on strawberry molding Robert O'Loughlin
HM Which drink has the most Electrolytes? Devin Reeves
1st  The Effect of Different Types of Paper on Fire. Tony Smith
HM The Effects of Different Filters on Water Quality Jacob Mullins
HM Effect of Different Oranges on Height it Floats in Water Tocarra Briggs
HM You Can Grow Rocks! Juanpablo Guadron
HM How Does Soil Affect the pH of Water Delasy Obeng 
Computer Sciences    
HM How Do Different Materials Affect Wi-Fi Reception? -- no sound Kasey Grike
HM Effect of Password Strength on Computer Security Jason Waddell
HM Is My Wi-Fi Good? Jonah Potter 
1st  Which material is best used to make a parachute for a plastic soldier? Nathan Miller
2nd  Different Airplane Designs Daniel Mamet
HM Which Type of Paper Will Make a Paper Airplane go Farthest? Isaac McGuckin
HM Catch the wave! The effect of ocean waves on wave power systems  
Environmental Sciences     
1st  Perfumes and Flower Petals Victoria Tran
2nd  What Liquid Makes Grass Grow the Best? Jackson Smith
3rd The effect of terrain structures on the speed and flow of water Daysa West
HM How Pressure Affects Temperature Curtis Ho
1st How Does Radius Affect Centripetal Acceleration? Shealyn Duszynski
HM What statistic contributes most in a Superbowl Winning Team? Grant Blackmer
HM The Effect of Buying Properties on Monopoly Outcome Emily Schmitt
Medince and Health Sciences     
1st Dealing with Diabetes Parker Bowling 
HM The Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate Alyssa Avila
HM The Effect of Liquid on Teeth Dominick Giovinazzo
1st The Effect of Hand Soap on Contaminated Hands Nadiyah Williams 
2nd The Effect of Different Face Masks on How Far a Sneeze Can Travel Michael Seubert
3rd The Effect of Sleep on Bacterial Growth in the Mouth Dayle Jeffcoat
Material Sciences     
1st  The effect of paper towel brand on strength and water absorption Thomas Costic
2nd What type of cup is best at maintaining temperatures? Brady Smieja
3rd Thirsty for absorbency: The effect of water on paper towels Keenen Davis
1st  Power of the Zone: Zone vs. Distance Edward Craig
2nd  Slow it Down Dayeh Lee
3rd Blow Your Homework Away! The Effect of Air Speed on Paper Trajectory Kaydence Peterson
HM The Hot Box Brandon Caiozzo
Plant Sciences     
1st The Effect of Artificial Light on plant Growth Nachiket Gatne
2nd  The Effect of pH Water Levels On the Grow Rate of Pinto Beans Timothy Allen Crank
3rd The effect of baking soda concentration on leaf discs Kimberly Lovo-Aquino
HM Hydro Home Plants you Can eat Matthew Mandapat