Spanish 1 

Hello! This is Ms. Flores, the Spanish teacher. Welcome to a virtual learning! During this time of virtual learning for PWCS, I have put up a list of resources on subject matter that we have covered in class up till now. Moreoverstudents are encouraged to keep learning, reviewing class material, making up quizzes or any class activity with the purpose to refresh and retain knowledge we’ve already learned. I’ll be able to receive any make up and or re-take work through e-mail. Any questionor concerns, please feel free to contact me I will be happy to answer and provide any orientation to the students during this unplanned break.  


We have covered three thematic units throughout the school year:  

Unit 1: Joining the Global Community (Marking period 1) 

Unit 2: My Life at School (Marking period 2) 

Unit 3: My Life at Home (Marking period 3) 

 Useful Links / Resources 

  1. Book Que Chevere!  

  1. Book !Que Chevere! 1 Workbook 

  1. Online Webs sites (videos and work practice) 


Here’s a list of supplementary links on learned material for students to use as part of their reviewing: 







School supplies  




Family and friends 


Describing people