Graham Park Middle School
Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts!
Mr. Dennis Pelty

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While we are away from school, the health and safety of your family should come first. If you wish to practice previously covered materials, I am excited and ready to support your effort! While reviewing, if there are any questions you need guidance on, send a picture or description of the question to my email:

I will be posting stories, opportunities, and activities through Nearpod regularly. These are review and enrichment opportunities for skills we have already covered this year. I will be also contacting you through e-mail with these opportunities. All standards that we have covered this year can be found on my calendar through the link below.

Please note, all of these resources are OPTIONAL and will not be assigned a grade in the grade book. There is also a page of links students can use to practice skills on my web page.

 If a student would like to turn in a missing assignment or complete a retake while at home, please email me directly with that work! 
All work from March 12th and before can still be turned in or retaken for a higher grade. Please check your student view to ensure your grades are complete to your satisfaction. You can find all graded assignments for the 3rd quarter on my files and folders page. Simply download whichever assignment you would like to retake or work on, complete the assignment, and e-mail or send a picture of each page of the assignment, and I will adjust the grade.

Please stay safe during this time and send me any questions that you may have.

Thank you,

Mr. Pelty