Welcome to Orchestra at Graham Park Middle School! My name is Mrs. Yanos and I am the orchestra director here. 

6th grade Classes: I teach one beginning class of 6th grade orchestra students (Hybrid orchestra) and two classes of intermediate orchestra students, who have already played for at least a year. These students use their Sound Innovations books and their orchestra music.

7th grade Classes: I teach three classes of 7th grade orchestra students, who have all played for at least a year or more. These students focus primarily on their orchestra music for upcoming performances.

8th grade Classes: I teach two classes of 8th grade Orchestra. These classes meet every day to prepare for their many community performances and trips. The 8th Grade  Orchestra travels to assessment and competition each year.

Chamber Orchestra: This group includes 8th grade Orchestra students who would like to continue their musical learning with more difficult music outside of the school day. This group meets once a week to practice after school.

Also students in all classes play a stringed instrument - either violin, viola, cello, or string bass, and we spend each class period working on learning to play our instruments and create beautiful music.

Any students who have missing work for class, or are not happy with their current grades need to email me directly to obtain the make up work or assignment.

If you have any questions, please contact me at YanosM@pwcs.edu.

For students looking for additional resources, please access your class's Microsoft Teams page through your school email account. Log into your school email, click the waffle in the upper left hand corner, and find your Orchestra class in teams. That is where class resources and materials will be posted, due to copyright reasons.