Dear parents and scholars, 

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The long, warm days of summer are finally here.  This is week 4 of our summer hiatus and school will be starting in August.  While you are enjoying the last few days of summer ensure you and your scholar(s) are reading good books, embarking on safe journeys and tabulating the wonderful things that are happening during this time in our collective history.  Remember, to take a pause, every now and again, from television, social media, and the news to focus on all that is good around you. 
I cannot wait to hear about the wonderful things you have done during our time apart.  Until we meet again, so long.  Remember to stay safe, social distance, wash hands and get plenty of rest.  School will begin before you know it. 

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Mrs. Cornelia H. Long, M.S. CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Published: 3/25/2020.5/14/2020.7/2/20