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My name is Jasmine Preyer and I am Graham Park Middle School's new Business Education teacher for the school year 2020-2021. I will be teaching STEM Solutions for 6th graders, Career Investigations for 7th graders, and STEM Applications for 8th graders. I am so excited to be a Graham Park Lion!
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When I was younger, I attended STEM based elementary and middle schools, while graduating from a Performing Arts High School. My extra-curricular activities during my earlier years included gymnastics, cheer, basketball, stepping, color guard, dance, and peer tutoring.

In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management from the School of Business at George Mason University. During college, I continued to dance, step, cheer, and participate in color guard. At the same time, I participated in other extra-curricular and community-based activities that involved professional and/or service organizations. I was an active member of three professional groups on campus, entitled NSBE (National Society for Black Engineers), CDNB (Chase Dreams Not Boys), and DESTINED (Determined Educated Sisters Taking Initiative N Encouraging Dreams). I also developed the skills needed for my teaching profession through my works with Upward Bound, America Reads America Counts, the Early Identification Program, and Message in Motion. 

Following college graduation, I worked as an Executive Team Lead at a Super Target. I worked in Logistics, Guest Engagement, Sales Floor, Specialty Sales, and Service and Engagement. At the same time, I served as the Diversity and Inclusion Captain on the Campus Recruitment team.

I continue to love to cheer, dance, step, and teach. I welcome this opportunity with open arms and cannot wait to meet my lion cubs! 

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Now, let's talk BUSINESS!!!

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